A former mayor of High Wycombe has expressed his support for Palestine following the ongoing conflict with Israel along the Gaza Strip.

Councillor Khalil Ahmed, who was the town’s Labour Party parliamentary candidate at the 2019 General Election, took to Facebook to express his concerns as tens of thousands of Israelis and Palestinians have been killed in the Middle East.

The post, which was shared on social media in the evening of October 14, stated that the local politician would ‘distance’ himself from the ‘position taken by the political elite of this country’, before confirming he would ‘proudly stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people’.

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An excerpt of the statement read: “I have been approached by many local residents of High Wycombe regarding the Palestinian/Israel conflict.

“I find it deeply concerning that so many innocent lives have been and continue to be lost from both sides.

“As a person of deep faith, I cannot see justification in Israel starving millions of innocents in the name of defence.

I have been approached by many local residents of High Wycombe regarding the Palestinian/Israel conflict. I find it...

Posted by Khalil Ahmed on Saturday, 14 October 2023

“I cannot see justification in an all-out land offensive that will result in many more innocent lives being lost.

“I distance myself from the position taken by the political elite of this country that is being expressed by both the Conservatives and Labour party alike.”

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The statement continued: “It is concerning that [Prime Minister] Rishi Sunak and [Leader of the Opposition] Sir Keir Starmer stand and allow the killing of innocent people regardless of their colour, creed, nationality, or religion.

“As a person of faith, I’m ashamed of the biased response taken by political leaders lining up to show their unreserved support to Israel but failed to show the same for the Palestinian people that have been subjected to acts of ethnic cleansing and genocide by Israel for over 70 years.

“This is utter hypocrisy and I proudly stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people that have been deprived of their rights to claim what is rightfully theirs, that have been tortured for decades whilst the many superpowers turned a blind eye.”

The indiscriminate attacks on both sides since October 7 have resulted in civilian deaths in Israel and Gaza, a strip of land home to 2.3 million Palestinians which has been unlawfully blockaded by Israel for the past 16 years, the UN said.

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Death toll is rising in Israel after attacks by the armed terrorist group Hamas, and in Gaza after following a bombardment by the Israeli army.

Additionally, according to the UN, More than 260,000 people in Gaza have had to leave their homes since October 7.

Steve Baker MP said: "I have carried out over the years, and continue to carry out, wide engagement locally on this issue.

"I am certain my representations to the Prime Minister and ministers accurately represent the full spectrum of legitimate local opinion.”