An aid van delivering supplies to Ukraine was badly smashed up by ‘mindless’ vandals.

Amersham resident Kieran De Guyatt’s Sunday took a nasty turn after his aid van nicknamed The Flying Scotsman was smashed up on October 15.

All windows except one were broken to pieces and the tyres were slashed during the mindless attack across from Park Place Road sometime between 7pm and 8pm.  

Kieran has done a number of trips to supply much-needed aid to Ukraine since the tragic war broke out last year. 

Bucks Free Press: Six windows were smashed to pieces Six windows were smashed to pieces (Image: Kieran De Guyatt)

The 33-year-old Good Samaritan said he was “gutted” after seeing the state of the van shortly after the six windows were shattered.

Kieran said: “They didn’t steal anything. That was what shocked me. I looked straight in and nothing was gone.

“That’s bizarre. And that’s the thing that upsets me today, the fact that it’s weird nothing was stolen, it was done for no reason. Because if someone stole, I get people are struggling in these times, but I have two other cars parked next to it and they were fine.”

Before his last trip to Ukraine, Kieran had fitted the car with a siren sound system in case he got stuck and a big screen to help with navigation, both of which were untouched.

Bucks Free Press: Each window will cost between £400 and £500 to repairEach window will cost between £400 and £500 to repair (Image: Kieran De Guyatt)

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Kieran was playing with the dog in the living room when someone he knew came knocking on the door to alert him to the van. He had heard loud banging only moments before, but he thought it was fireworks.  

“It was just smashed, glass all around. Someone had used what looked like crowbar. They really took to it. It’s absolutely senseless,” he said.

The insurance might only cover the repair of one window, with each new window costing between £400 to £500 to replace.

“If I don’t get the van repaired I cannot make any plans to make another one,” disappointed Kieran said.

He was planning to take computers to Ukraine soon and winter coats for the soldiers around January and February time.

Bucks Free Press: Kieran (left) with Glenn Frazer before one of their many trips to deliver supplies to UkraineKieran (left) with Glenn Frazer before one of their many trips to deliver supplies to Ukraine (Image: Kieran De Guyatt)

“It gets cold there and it already is getting colder.

“It’s not just me who this affects financially, it’s hundreds of people,” he added. 

Thames Valley Police confirmed it received reports of criminal damage after the incident.

The force said: “Windows to a minibus were smashed, although it is not believed entry was gained. Following an investigation, the report has been filed pending further information coming to light. Anyone with further information should call 101 or make a report on our website, quoting reference number 43230464533.”

A fundraiser to help cover maintenance costs of the van has now turned into an urgent plea for support.

Kieran’s van fundraiser can be found here