A church’s plans to demolish its buildings could be approved tonight despite more than 200 objections.

St Leonard’s Parochial Church Council has been recommended conditional permission for its plans by a Buckinghamshire Council planning officer.

The plans will be put to the East Area Planning Committee at 6:30pm this evening after being called in by all three councillors in Amersham & Chesham Bois.

The proposals, submitted in November 2022, include knocking down the parish centre, outbuildings and rectory at the site of the Church Hall on Glebe Way in Chesham Bois.

The church wants to replace the existing buildings with a new parish centre, prayer room, pre-school, rectory and car park.

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The 230 people who have objected to the plans were the target of a sermon by the Rector’s wife Wendy Clow in August.

She urged the congregation to join the “battle” against those opposed to the plans, whom she referred to as “the enemy” and “mutilators of the flesh”.

Objections have been raised over the plans due to their perceived impact on the environment and the suitability of existing plans.

A recent objection by Mr John Bailey read: “It would make the concept of a conservation area totally meaningless as such a development would have a devastating effect on wildlife and the environment.”

However, dozens of local people are supportive of the plans, including Mrs Sarah Curtis, who hailed the “valuable” facilities that will be provided, such as a hospitality centre and a Sunday school space.

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She wrote: “The design for the new building is sympathetic to the environment and blends well with the sylvan setting.”

Tonight’s Committee meeting will also consider an application to build a new classroom and another for the change of use of a dwelling house into a children’s home.

The Amersham School in Stanley Hill is seeking permission to erect of a single storey detached classroom on its site.

The site, within the Green Belt, is owned by the Council, though Amersham School is leased to the Academy Trust.

The other proposal, applied for by Buckinghamshire Council, seeks permission for a new small children’s home at 9 Pineapple Road, Amersham.

The Council wants to convert the property’s existing bedrooms, lounge, dining area, washroom, utility room, kitchen, and laundry room into a home for its Leaving Care Service.

This evening’s Committee meeting will be streamed online and is available to watch here: https://buckinghamshire.moderngov.co.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=358&MId=18162