The town centre is home to thousands of bees which have formed colonies on its environmentally friendly roof.

Eden Shopping Centre is raising awareness of its rooftop beehives in partnership with High Wycombe and District Beekeeper's Association.

Earlier this year, a giant bee mural was painted by Robin Eckardt, a contemporary artist based in High Wycombe.

As part of Eden’s continued support to the local community, the town centre commissioned Robin to create this piece of artwork, allowing her to promote herself and her work in conjunction with a great cause.

Upon completion of the mural, Robin said: “I was absolutely delighted to be commissioned by Eden Shopping Centre to paint their bee and honeycomb-themed mural earlier this year.

“When taking on the project, I can’t say I wasn’t daunted at first. The scale was like nothing I have ever attempted before. But working alongside the team at Eden, we managed to accomplish what looked to be impossible.

“This was the first time I had ever painted directly onto red brick. After building up layers of paint to achieve colour and richness, and using extremely small brushes to get smooth lines, the majority of the design was done.

"Taking note of the two round security cameras, I had the idea to incorporate them into the mural as eyes for the Queen bee!"

“Painting this mural in such a prominent location in the town centre was a wonderful chance for me to promote myself and share what I do. Passersby often gave such great encouragement. I had young children stop to watch me paint and others telling me that they would purposefully walk by each day to see the progression.

"What I wasn’t expecting was the number of people who thanked me for helping to brighten up the space. I hope this mural will continue to bring joy and happiness!”