A woman who spent £6k on an operation for her dog in Buckinghamshire has said the local council should shell out money for the costs.

Michele Wingfield, 60, spent £5k on a specialist veterinary operation at The Ralph in Marlow after grass seeds were found inside her 9-year-old dog Masie’s nose in July this year.

Michele, a carer from Hartley in Kent, then had to spend a further £800 just a few weeks later after more seeds were found in the Westie’s paw.

She has blamed Kent County Council for the operation costs, which she said were caused by workers not clearing mounds of cut grass.

“Maisie was sneezing so much that she couldn’t sleep. It was awful watching her – she was extremely distressed, and we were terrified.

“We just want to raise awareness because grass seed is really dangerous, and we didn’t know about it before this happened.

“Once it gets in, it can move through the body and even get into the brain, and toxins can get into the blood.”

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Michele said she is now “petrified” of taking her dogs out of the house because she doesn’t feel she can afford to risk something like this happening again.

“We had tried to avoid the cut grass but there were cars on the road, and it was all over the pavement.

“Wildlife like foxes can’t avoid the cut grass – and no one’s going to pay for the vet for them.

“The council cuts the grass five times a year. They could do it before the seed heads form, but they don’t, and they could clear it up.

“I think it’s negligent.”

Michele and her daughter Callie, 38, have submitted a claim for £6,000 to Kent County Council.

A spokesperson for the council said: “We have received a claim for compensation by a member of the public and are investigating this.

“Details of how we maintain the grass on highway land is published on our website.”