A tree has been felled after it became infected with a fungus.

The ash tree was a familiar sight at the estate on Park Place in Amersham owned by the social housing provider Paradigm Housing.

However, the tall tree was riddled with “relentless” honey fungus, making it unsafe, experts monitoring the tree said.

Now Paradigm Housing has decided to fell and remove the tree following years of monitoring and consultation with the experts.

Bucks Free Press: The ash tree (centre left) was located in the heart of the estateThe ash tree (centre left) was located in the heart of the estate (Image: Google Street View)

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The company’s estates services manager Derek Currie said: “It is with a very heavy heart that we have made this decision, we have tried everything we can to save the tree. We commissioned two independent companies to survey the tree, and both told us that the tree has honey fungus and needs to come down.”

More than 50 percent of the tree was already dead and it had to be taken down ahead of the winter before it falls down, Derek said.

“We never want to lose a tree, but honey fungus is relentless and destructive and has taken root with this tree,” he added.

Paradigm Housing said it is committed to increasing biodiversity at its sites and reducing the impact of its work on the environment. Recently the company planted 60 trees in Chesham.