A MURDER-SUSPECT was caught on CCTV buying a chocolate bar after his alleged involvement in the stabbing of a 17-year-old.

Cameron Bailey, from Brighton, was stabbed in Easton Street on Sunday, May 7 this year and five people are currently standing trial at Reading Crown Court after being charged in relation to his death.

A 17-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has been charged with murder, along with Philip Solomon, 37, of no fixed abode, Aaran Pattinson, 32, of Old Tea Warehouse, High Wycombe, and Scott Cordice, 29, of the same address.

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It is the prosecution's case that not long after the stabbing, Solomon was caught on shop CCTV buying a chocolate bar 'despite the terrible event' that had just occurred.

The jury heard on Wednesday (October 25), that Cameron and a friend, also 17, were allegedly robbed due to them selling Class A drugs, creating competition for a local drug line named the 'Turk Line'. 

Finishing the opening the case on Thursday (October 26), prosecuting barrister John Lloyd-James stated it is the prosecution's case that the four men robbed Cameron, armed with weapons before they were caught on CCTV abandoning the scene and dumping their weapons.

Solomon and the 17-year-old were seen not long after the incident at Northtown Stores in Totteridge Road.

The former was caught on the store's CCTV purchasing goods.

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Mr Lloyd-James said: "Despite the terrible events that had just occurred, Solomon bought two cans of drink, some chocolate, and a scratch card."

The other two defendants, Pattinson and Cordice, were seen returning to their home address of Old Tea Warehouse.

This all occurred after the four men were seen walking away from Easton Street at about 7pm.

Pattinson and Solomon reportedly threw away weapons - a hammer and bolt croppers - over a wall at the end of Birdcage Walk.

It is alleged that at 4am the next morning, Pattinson and Cordice returned to the area where the weapons were allegedly dumped.

Mr Lloyd-James said: "It's the prosecution's case that that pair knew that hammer would implicate Pattinson so in the dead of night, where they knew it had been dumped, they tried to hide it somewhere where they thought it would not be found."

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Police later recovered the bolt croppers from the area it was allegedly dumped by Solomon. They later discovered the hammer in some undergrowth opposite High Wycombe train station.

The trial continues.