A BREWERY in Prestwood has been 'overrun with orders' after announcing it will be closing in two weeks.

Malt The Brewery in Wycombe Road, Prestwood, Great Missenden, has had an "incredible response" from the public after announcing it will be closing for good on November 4 after 11 years.

Jenny Watson explained how the team are doing their best to keep up with online orders.

She said: "The response has been incredible and we've had a 500 per cent uplift after the announcement we're overrun and doing our best to keep up with orders.

"We ran out of wine and it was 10 past 5 and we had one bottle of wine left we said 'we cant not have wine!' as we built quite a rep over the years to have artisan wines and gins from Griffiths Brothers Distillery based in Penn Street but we were so overrun and 500 per cent up. 

"We took more last week than the last week of Christmas last year."

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The brewery's Vinyl Tap event will soon be a thing of the past as its final event will be held this Saturday, October 28.

Jenny added: "People have been so genuinely so lovely and we're still smiling because we know we've done the community proud." 

"The comments are generally that we've worked so hard to create a community, people felt they could bring their wives and children and that we appeal to everybody as a place to come to and that they feel so sad. 

"I feel incredibly sad that given how difficult the economic situation is I feel really sad that we are taken down for it in a different way and was it not for that we probably would have ridden out the storm." 

The brewery doesn't see it possible to move to another location in this current economic climate.

"Unfortunately because of the situation with the economy, it's not viable to move a business right now as inflation isn't going to improve until 2027 so it's not viable to spend a big amount of money.

"It's such a local business there isn't anywhere people could continue to enjoy it the way they do.

"Next weekend will be the last weekend. After that, we will be selling everything so if people want a piece of the malt or any equipment we've had a few requests for key memorabilia."