Members of the Islamic community in High Wycombe have released several statements in regard to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Tensions have increased massively since the start of the month which has seen tens of thousands of people across the two nations lose their lives in the battle, with a large proportion of them being young children.

The war, which has shown no sign of stopping, has led to protests across the world showing support to both Israel and Palestine, whilst others are pleading with both countries to stop the conflict.

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Since then, several high-profile Muslims based in the town have come forward sharing their views on the matter.

Hussain Shahed, 17, who is the youth officer for Wycombe Labour and aims to be a national politician, said: “I strongly condemn all fighting that has taken place, and my heart goes out to all the families that have suffered a tragedy during this difficult period.

Bucks Free Press: Hussain Shahed, 17, is the youth officer for Wycombe LabourHussain Shahed, 17, is the youth officer for Wycombe Labour (Image: NA)

Bucks Free Press: The 17-year-old's full statementThe 17-year-old's full statement (Image: NA)

“Fighting has never been the answer to ‘Free Palestine’, however, world leaders have Palestinian and Israeli citizens, and they are the ones who must now step up and clean this mess.”

Councillor Majid Hussain of Booker, Cressex & Castlefield, in his open letter to the Labour Party leader, Sir Keir Starmer, said: [My ward] is a multi-racial and multi-cultural ward, comprising many nationalities.

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The largest of these groups, over 85 per cent of the ward, is of Pakistani origin.

“Understandably, the current situation in Palestine/Gaza is causing great concern to these residents.

Bucks Free Press: Councillor Majid Hussain's full letter to Sir Keir Starmer, the current Labour leaderCouncillor Majid Hussain's full letter to Sir Keir Starmer, the current Labour leader (Image: NA)

“The number of civilian deaths on both sides is shocking and needs to be stopped.

“However, what is raising greater anger is your apparent support for Israel, almost encouraging them to break International Law.

“Your stance is made worse, as you previously held a position of high regard within the judicial system.

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“There are clear local consequences for this.

“Currently, our PPC Emma Reynolds and the CLP are working extremely hard to win Wycombe for Labour.

“I am concerned that it may make this task even harder.

“We so desperately need a Labour MP. We currently have one of the most unpopular MPs in living memory.

“Without the support of the British-Pakistani Community, it will be so much harder for Labour to win this seat.”

“I therefore call on you to

  • Call for an immediate ceasefire.
  • Call on the UN to send in a peacekeeping force.
  • Call on both sides to actively facilitate the above.
  • Condemn the Tory Government of its outright support for Israel (for example by sending in
  • Naval Ships).
  • To confirm Labour’s commitment to a peaceful resolution both short and long term to this
  • Situation.
  • If the above are acted upon, I would feel a lot more comfortable with the direction that the Labour Party is demonstrating.

The Wycombe Muslim Communication Forum (WMCF) then said: “In light of the developing situation in the Middle East and the resultant effects in our region, the WMCF will seek to engage our elected officials, local authorities and the Police to best understand how: 

Bucks Free Press: The Wycombe Muslim Communication Forum's statementThe Wycombe Muslim Communication Forum's statement (Image: NA)

  • The current conflict in the Middle East should not hinder the rights of the British community to express its demands for a just settlement to the Israeli / Palestinian conflict.
  • This is born from comments in the media that waving the Palestinian flag should be ‘banned’
  • Local tensions and any hate-related speech or intimidation against Jewish or Muslim communities should be prevented
  • Safeguarding the well-being of the community infrastructure such as places of worship is upheld, if not reinforced
  • How our elected officials will engage with the prospect of the protection of human life and the implementation of the UN resolutions especially related to the Palestinian and Israeli conflict 
  • Seek an immediate end to the current conflict 
  • Representatives from the WMCF will engage with the relevant bodies to discuss the above matter in order to seek clarification for our communities