A sustainable shop has announced its closure after four years.

The Refill Project in Chesham told shoppers it was going to shut for good due to slow business at the end of November.

The shop near the Chesham War Memorial off Blutcher Street offers a zero-waste alternative with food, household items and bathroom products sold without plastic packaging to help customers “reduce, reuse and refill.”

The shop said on its social media: “From the markets, to the shop, through a pandemic, lockdowns and a global financial crisis we have been reducing plastic waste since April 2019.

“We would like to say a huge thank you to all of you who have supported our business and have become our friends. Unfortunately, although there have been many of you there just hasn’t been quite enough to keep the business going.”

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They said the "positive side" was "the huge amount of plastic waste that we have prevented" in Chesham. 

"We will continue to trade until the end of November. We will also continue to stock most of the stuff you to get refills of. We will keep you updated about how things are going and any bargains that are going to come available," the shop team added.