A Much-loved brewery is hosting a 'tear down' sale ahead of it's closure later this month.

Malt The Brewery in Wycombe Road, Prestwood, Great Missenden, will be permanently closing its doors on Saturday, November 4.

Co-owner Nick Watson and his wife Jenny run the taproom and brewery and will host a sale "giving patrons a chance to grab a piece of history".

The establishment will open one last time on November 11 where punters can purchase their furniture, be it a giant TV, tables or office chairs.

People can also buy ice machines, chest freezers amongst other items.

The doors swing wide at 11.05am, closing at 5pm.

A statement from Malt The Brewery said: "The Directors of Wren Davis Ltd have told us we should vacate the site on Collings Hanger Farm. In the current economic environment, a relocation is financially unviable - even if a suitable site could be found.

"It is therefore with great sadness and sorrow that we confirm we have brewed our last gyle in Prestwood and our artisan operations will soon come to an end on Saturday 4th November at 7.30pm.

"Prices of beer online, in the shop and in the Taproom have been significantly discounted and we hope you will help us to ‘drink the brewery dry. 

"Come and help us empty the serving tanks, the warehouse and shop. You know from experience that our quality and shelf life is excellent, so now is the time to buy your beer in bulk for an amazingly low price."

Many people have shared fond memories of drinking at the brewery on our Facebook page.

The Limes Tea Room, Cafe & Restaurant said: "We are so sorry to hear this news and we are sorry we couldn't shift more of your fabulous hops!...we wish you all the best!"

Bob Scott said: "This is a really sad announcement for the community of Prestwood. Nick, Jenny and all in TeamMalt have built a successful business, with great products, over many years & against all the odds.

"They should be proud of what they have created, the community groups and charities they have supported. We will all miss them immensely."

Ian Fischer said: "That's a shame. Some of their beers were really good." 

Gee Green added: "Bad news: lovely people, lovely beer. Despite having a local brewery nearby, I often made the 12 mile jaunt to get some."

Rich Newton added: "Sad news. Beer feels the squeeze with everything else."