XL Bully dogs are still for sale in Buckinghamshire less than two months before a new ban of the dogs comes into force.

From December 31, 2023, it will be illegal under the Dangerous Dogs Act to breed, sell, advertise, rehome and abandon XL bully dogs or allow them to stray, the Government announced this week.

Despite the ban being just weeks away, the breed, which has been involved in several high-profile attacks, is still being sold online in Buckinghamshire.

An advert for two “stunning” female American bully XL puppies in Milton Keynes is currently live on the Pets4Homes website.

On sale for £495 each, the dogs are vaccinated, health checked, microchipped, wormed, flea treated and come with a free “puppy pack”, according to the seller.

The same website has a listing in Aylesbury for two male pocket bullies, which are a smaller version of the American Bully, and are not currently subject to a ban.

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Across the border in Ascot, Berkshire, an advert on Gumtree is currently live for three American XL Bully puppies, on sale for £600 each.

The owner told the BBC Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS) that the dogs are “flea and worm treated” and have “all injections up to date”.

Asked about the impending ban of the dogs, she said: “There are groups working on a legal battle to try and overturn the ban, so fingers crossed that works.”

Bucks Free Press: Advert for female American bully XL puppies in Milton Keynes on the Pets4Homes website

Owners wanting to keep XL bullies, must have applied for a certificate of exemption costing £92.40 by January 31, 2024.

The dogs must be neutered, microchipped, on a lead and muzzled in public, while the owners must have insurance against the dog injuring other people and be able to show their certificate to a police officer or a council dog warden within five days when asked.

Owners who choose to give up XL bullies can claim £200 compensation if they take the dog to a registered vet to be euthanised.

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Buckinghamshire Council’s dog warden service remains undecided on whether it will continue to collect stray and abandoned XL bullies following the Government’s announcement on October 31 that XL bully type dogs will be banned.

The local unitary authority said it was “too early” to say whether its dog wardens would no longer pick up the dogs as other councils have already confirmed.

In a statement on November 1, a spokesperson told the LDRS: “We only received the Government’s decision yesterday.

“We now need to consider their announcement and the implications this would have for our dog warden service.

“Therefore, it is too early to make any decisions regarding if any changes need to be made to our service.”

The council also claimed that its dog wardens picked up just one XL bully in 2022, compared to two so far in 2023.