A refill business in Aylesbury needs £7,000 worth of community support to offer more to its customers.

Local business Renewed Eco Shop in Long Crendon, Aylesbury, is asking the community for £7,000 after acquiring a bigger premise next door.

The eco-friendly store, which first started up in August 2020 during the first part of the pandemic, has been a fixture of the main square for the past year and will now have a larger space so more customers can be served at once.

Beyond that, it will enable the store to offer a wider range of products in larger quantities.

Bucks Free Press:

They intend to use extra income from the Crowdfunder to add more refill items to their stock.

Also, they're planning to introduce a variety of sustainable gifts and the increased space will also let the eco-shop cater to children.

They are planning a dedicated area for kids with sustainable crafts and play refills.

Plus, an eco-themed library offering books and magazines for curious minds would be set up.

Additionally, the shop plans to add benches, providing a place to unwind while the shop’s staff refill products for the customers.

If funds allow, they even aspire to sell plastic-free fresh food from a new refrigerator.

The appliance would also act as a community fridge, reducing local food waste considerably.

The prospect of having a larger store presents additional opportunities.

An auxiliary room will be transformed into a community hub.

Workshops—like DIY natural cleaning solutions—talks, such on starting a zero-waste lifestyle, and special events, like an eco-friendly Christmas evening, will be available here too.

Plus, throughout the week, the space could serve as a co-working area, offering WiFi to those who fancy a change of scenery from their home workspace.

Sara Sheerin, owner of Renewed Eco Shop sees this as a fantastic project to support locals on their low-waste journeys.

She said: "This is a fantastic project to further help the local community on their low-waste journeys. We’ve had so much support over the past year and enabled many more people to start reducing their impact on the environment through their shopping habits.

"The £7,000 we’re hoping to raise through Crowdfunder.co.uk will help us to expand on this, offering a bigger space to welcome more people and also offer more by way of an ‘eco-hub’ which will provide workshops, talks and more to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of the environmental crisis we find ourselves in and how we can play our part in overcoming it."

Certainly, raising these funds would have a massive impact, not only on Long Crendon residents, but also those from Thame and surrounding villages.

The larger shop and eco-focused community space would enable plastic-free shopping for more individuals, resulting in less waste.

In return for this community support, the shop promises rewards such as instore shopping discounts, eco-hampers, and thank you tiles made of reclaimed wood bearing supporters’ names, to be showcased in the new shop.

Visit https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/renewed-eco-shop---help-us-grow-for-the-community to donate.