Steve Baker MP and Emma Reynolds have been slammed by High Wycombe’s Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate after they both failed to attend a pro-Palestine protest in the town.

Toni Brodelle, who aims to become the town’s next Member of the Parliament at the next general election, was one of thousands of people to visit the demonstrations in the centre of the South Bucks town on Sunday, November 5.

She, along with members of the Islamic community, as well as those supporting Palestine, got together to show their support to the Middle Eastern nation.

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This comes as tensions between Palestine and Israel intensified in recent weeks over the Gaza Strip, which has seen numerous people from both nations get killed.

Brodelle made her presence known at the rally, where she called out both Conservative MP Baker, and Labour hopeful, Reynolds.

Both individuals did not attend the rally on November 5.

Taking to both Facebook and X (formerly known as Twitter), she said: “Shame on Sunak, Starmer, Biden and all those who have shown an absolute lack of moral compass and who are sanctioning the genocide of innocent Palestinians.

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"They all have blood on their hands.

“Shame on Steve Baker and Emma Reynolds for Wycombe for their self-interest and cowardice in refusing to call out the Israeli government and their own leadership for their abandonment of the Palestinian people.

“Remember that when they come knocking on your door at election time.

“Brothers and sisters in humanity, the right thing will always be the right thing - no matter how uncomfortable it may sometimes be for us individually - and there must never be a time when we allow our own self-interest to prevent us from doing what is fundamentally right.

Bucks Free Press: Toni Brodelle at the march on November 5Toni Brodelle at the march on November 5 (Image: X)

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“Human rights are human rights, and they are - and must be - universal.”

Baker, who has been the town’s MP since 2010, declined to comment to the Bucks Free Press, whilst Reynolds, who was the MP for Wolverhampton North East between 2010 and 2019, said: “I profoundly believe that all life is equal and my deepest sympathy is with the families on both sides of this conflict whose loved ones have been lost, whether they are Palestinian or Israeli.

“Every day, I watch with horror the unfolding humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza and I have deep concerns about Israel’s airstrikes.

“It is morally wrong to bomb refugee camps and medical facilities.

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"I want our government and other governments to do more to put pressure on Israel to protect civilians.

Shame on Sunak, Starmer, Biden and all those who have shown an absolute lack of moral compass and who are sanctioning...

Posted by Toni Brodelle - Working for Wycombe on Sunday, 5 November 2023

“I have called for the aid, fuel, water, electricity and medicines entering Gaza to be urgently ramped up, and for an urgent humanitarian pause to allow that aid to reach the people that need it.

“Importantly, I would like to see this urgent humanitarian pause lay the ground for a permanent negotiated cessation of hostilities.


“We need intense diplomatic efforts to bring about peace and crucially a two-state solution with a viable and independent Palestinian state living alongside a safe and secure Israel.”

The conflict between the two nations first began in 1948, but on October 7 this year, hostilities increased when Hamas, a militant group from Palestine, coordinated a series of attacks in boarding areas of Israel.