Ideas have poured in from residents to replace a closed-down job centre in the heart of High Wycombe.

The JobCentre Plus on High Street has closed, leaving an empty retail property at a prime location in the town centre.

The job centre has already vacated the site and the 7,793 sq.ft. property has now been listed for sale for £750,000.

Before the temporary job centre, the site housed Argos.

Now Bucks Free Press readers have suggested businesses they would like to see take over the space instead.

Ideas ranged from an independent market to a youth centre, measures to help the homeless and a supermarket.

Gemma Molyneux said: “An indoor market. When I worked in Birmingham they had one in a little space like this. It was on every day and had proper little units rather than stalls.”

Bucks Free Press: The space was fully refurbished by the DWPThe space was fully refurbished by the DWP (Image: Rightmove/ART Surveyors)

Mark Page said: “Council should buy the property and sub let at affordable rates to independent craft traders, ie an indoor market, art gallery, local artisan food, hand made jewellery, clothing and flea market [.] Use the High Street regeneration fund to finance the project.”

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Megan Staples said: “Wycombe Food Hub and Bobkins Bazaar! I know they are looking for a new building and it would be nice to replace it with something to support the community.”

Ania Grotkowska Jackson said “help for homeless will be great.”

Derek Collins said: “A huge coffee shop because High Wycombe is desperately short of them. Love them or hate them, we all need a coffee fix to start the day.”

Joanne O’Toole said: “Softplay area or The Range.”

Other ideas included Farmfoods, Wilkinsons, Aldi, Lidl, Woolworths and even the return of Argos.

The High Street job centre was designed as a temporary measure during the Covid pandemic. The DWP has another, permanent job centre on Oxford Road near the Sainsbury’s, which is open as usual.