A FAMILY fell victim to a burglary on Bonfire night where costume jewellery and a sentimental box was stolen.

Multiple jewellery boxes were found by Julie Creswell on her walk in Redpitch Park near Wooburn Green on Monday, November 6.

It just so happened that the jewellery boxes belonged to a family in Heath Lawn.

Bucks Free Press: A street view image of Heath LawnA street view image of Heath Lawn (Image: Google)

Through the power of Facebook, neighbours managed to connect the dots and link the dumped jewellery boxes to their neighbours who experienced the burglary.

The Free Press spoke to the resident who was burgled about the ordeal. They wish to remain anonymous.

He said: "They [burglars] literally came in, straight to our room, took a pillow case off, costume jewellery and there was an expensive Cartier watch, they didn't take it, they just dashed in and out.

"The silver box that you see in that picture it was sentimental at the time as I bought it for my wife when I served in Afghanistan. There were a few trinkets, I visibly remember when I bought it. That’s the biggest value.

"It must have happened between 6pm to 9pm during the fireworks as we were out the time, the whole family."

Bucks Free Press: Jewellery boxes which were found the next day

When he returned home from the firework display he felt "immediate anger".

He added: "Firstly it was a big window they smashed, the kids were still in the car. You just feel angry they smashed it as they’ve [burglars] got no problem in smashing things. 

"The only way they could have come in is through the side entrance, not the back entrance. They walked off the main road and jumped over a big gate noticing the car had left. I personally think they saw us. 

"We've now installed a security system at the back and front and positioned the camera in full view into the road.

"I think they'll be more brazen over Christmas."