A WOMAN from High Wycombe has been prosecuted for not paying her television licence despite being in debt and relying on food banks.

TV licences cost £159 per year and people could be hit with up to a £1,000 fine if is not paid.

The woman, 55, told the court she had let the ‘payments slip’ following issues with electricity debt and being sick.

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She apologised and said she tried to set up a payment plan but told: “You can’t, it’s too late.”

Making a plea to the courts, the woman said: “I haven’t meant to let my payments slip. I moved to a smaller house after being ill, along with other issues, money being one.

“I’m living on food bank help and I can’t afford the electricity heaters in my house - I’ve got electricity debt for the first time in my life.

“I paid what I could. I‘m sorry. I will pay. I did set up a payment but they said, ‘You can’t because it’s too late’.

“I tried online but they won't allow me to pay the first instalment. I am getting debt help.”

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However, despite her pleas and mitigating factors, the woman was convicted by the courts and fined £116.