Stevenage’s fans have been criticised for their behaviour following the club’s 1-0 away win over Wycombe Wanderers.

The fixture at Adams Park was overshadowed by two serious injuries to Chairboys forward Brandon Hanlan and defensive midfielder Luke Leahy, which resulted in nearly 30 minutes of stoppage time being added over the course of the match.

First, the striker was grappled to the ground by Boro captain Carl Piregianni and sustained a horrific shoulder injury just before half-time.

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Incredibly, a free-kick was given against Wanderers.

Then, in the second period, Leahy suffered a head injury which resulted in the ex-Shrewsbury man needing attention.

The play was stopped for nearly 20 minutes as he was treated to, in which the Stevenage supporters were seen and heard aiming abuse at the stricken Wanderers player.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, one Wycombe fan said: “No place for it.

“Really disappointing behaviour.”

Another said: “Absolute disgrace. Been booing injuries from the first minute.”

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One person said: “Awful behaviour.

“So, so poor from the Stevenage lot.”

It has since been confirmed by the club that Hanlan and Luke Leahy were taken to hospital 'for assessment'.

They have also revealed that Leahy 'is conscious and undergoing treatment.'