Wycombe Wanderers manager Matt Bloomfield has provided an update on both Brandon Hanlan and Luke Leahy following the club’s 1-0 home loss to Stevenage.

Jamie Reid’s winner in first-half stoppage time was all that separated the two teams in a fixture that was marred by two serious injuries.

In the opening period, Hanlan was slammed to the ground by Boro captain Carl Piergianni which resulted in a nasty-looking knee injury.

The ex-Gillingham forward was treated for 14 minutes where he was stretchered off.

He was seen using oxygen as he left the field of play.

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Then, with eight minutes remaining, Leahy sustained a head injury in the Wycombe box.

He landed face-first into the turf and remained motionless for several seconds before being treated.

Again, play was stopped for a lengthy period which lasted nearly 20 minutes, and there were suggestions that the match could be abandoned due to the seriousness of the incident.

However, play continued with Stevenage holding out for the win.

Bloomfield said: “Both Brandon Hanlan and Luke Leahy have gone to hospital.

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“The pleasing thing to report is that Luke was responsive by the time he left Adams Park, which is good to share.

“It was a really scary moment when he went down.

“He went down, he was unresponsive and a couple of their players told me that he might have been having something serious happening.

“But I’ve been told that I’ve been accused of trying to get the game called off, but I can categorically deny that 100 per cent.

“At no point was I trying to do that.

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“I was trying to understand the severity of the situation as our doctor was concerned for Luke’s safety.

“We never tried to get the game called off, as I didn’t know the severity of the situation until the ref informed me.

“I went over and saw Luke, then we [Bloomfield and the referee] had a conversation about the welfare of my players.

"That question was, how is the player doing?

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“I don’t think it takes a lot of intelligence to work out that the welfare of my players wasn’t great now.

"So at no point did I try and get the game to get called off or put pressure on the referee.

"I gave the referee honest feedback."

Up next for Wycombe is a home match against AFC Wimbledon on November 21.