In a cry for local exercise and recreation, the Bedgrove community is rallying to build a dynamic pump track at the local park.

The Bedgrove Residents' and Community Association in Aylesbury, a charity representing around 7,500 people, aims to raise at least £100,000 for the project.

A pump track is a circuit of rollers and banked turns, designed to be navigated by 'pumping' or using up and down body movements, and offers a challenge to a variety of ages and skill levels.

The track will not only cater for mountain bike and BMX enthusiasts but is also accessible for skateboarders, scooters, balance bikes and wheelchairs.

At present, no similar facility exists in the Aylesbury district – the nearest track is located a hefty 13 miles away.

This innovative venture is anticipated to encourage sport, physical activity, and a more active lifestyle for local residents as well as the broader community.

The proposed site in Bedgrove Park, already designated as an open space and accessible to the public, conforms to the Fields in Trust (FiT) guidelines and Buckinghamshire Council’s Design Code.

This includes a required 30m minimum buffer distance from residential dwellings and boundaries.

Two specialist contractors, boasting extensive experience in the construction of pump tracks, have been earmarked for this ambitious project.

Remarkably, one of these contractors had a hand in creating the BMX venue at the iconic London 2012 Olympics.

The construction of this great facility is anticipated to have multiple positive outcomes.

It could reduce screen time for children and provide an introduction to biking sports, made increasingly popular by high-profile athletic events such as the Olympics and Commonwealth Games.

Local police are also supporting the project, expecting it to encourage a positive change in behaviour and serve as an effective way to tackle anti-social issues in the neighbourhood.

Moreover, the addition of the track is believed to encourage personal development for young people, promote mental health, and create a sense of pride in the community.

Of the towering £100k that is needed for the track’s design and construction, already over 10 per cent has been pledged, including a generous donation from council funds.

There is optimism about the project's potential to reach completion in 2024.

In a gesture of goodwill, The Clare Foundation has even promised to donate an additional £10k once the original target is met.

The Association added their assurance as well, promising to protect and preserve the Spinney, an area of ecological value hosting mature oak trees.

With momentum building for this community-enhancing pump track, the potential benefits to Bedgrove locals are immense.

The project is not simply about a track; it's about promoting healthy living, community spirit, and the preservation of a cherished green space.

So far, the fundraiser has raised £1,105 from its £100,000 target.

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