We’ve rounded up the cheapest places in Buckinghamshire to fill your car at.

With cost-of-living crisis and higher prices affecting many drivers, most are on the hunt for the cheapest pump. 

Back in July, the price difference between diesel and unleaded had dropped as low as 0.9 pence per litre (ppl).

But since the summer, the pump price for unleaded petrol and diesel has increased, according to the AA.

On average, drivers in Britain paid 155.5ppl for petrol in September and 159.4ppl for diesel.

Now latest figures from the AA show the price difference at the pump has grown to 6.4ppl, with unleaded costing 156.2ppl and diesel 162.6ppl in October.

Sadly, forecourts in the South East recorded the highest prices for unleaded at 157.6ppl in October.

At supermarket stations, the price for unleaded now averages 154.0ppl.

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Here are the cheapest places for unleaded in South Bucks this week according to PetrolPrices.com. 

  1. Tesco Amersham – Petrol: 145.9p
  2. Morrisons High Wycombe – Petrol: 147.7p
  3. Murco High Wycombe (Pedestal service station) – Petrol: 148.9p
  4. BP Amersham (Chalfonts Way Connect) – Petrol: 148.9p
  5. Asda High Wycombe – Petrol: 149.7p
  6. Low Prices Always Chesham (Ashley Green service station) – Petrol: 149.8p
  7. Esso Marlow Road – Petrol: 149.9p
  8. Esso Main Road (MFG Walters Ash) – Petrol: 149.9p
  9. Shell Amersham (Amersham service station) – Petrol: 149.9p
  10. BP Chesham (Fitchs service station) – Petrol: 149.9p

And the top 10 cheapest places for diesel.

  1. Morrisons High Wycombe – Diesel: 157.7p
  2. Murco High Wycombe – Diesel: 157.9p
  3. Asda High Wycombe – Diesel: 159.7p
  4. Shell Marlow Road – Diesel: 159.9p
  5. Esso Marlow Road – Diesel: 159.9p
  6. Esso Amersham Road – Diesel: 159.9p
  7. Esso Main Road (MFG Walters Ash) – Diesel: 159.9p
  8. Tesco Amersham – Diesel: 159.9p
  9. Jet Aylesbury (Ash Service Station) – Diesel: 159.9p
  10. Jet Micklefield Road (MFG High Wycombe) – Diesel: 161.9p