More traffic issues were seen in a Buckinghamshire village as motorists we forced to go down a single-track lane due to a closed road.

During the morning rush hour on Thursday, November 16, cars hoping to use Hammersley Lane via Penn had to find alternative routes as the road, which takes commuters into High Wycombe and Loudwater, had to find alternative routes as the road is currently shut.

Diversions were put in place with drivers being made to travel through Cock Lane – a single-track lane which is not used for heavy congestion. 

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This decision caused numerous delays in the village, as motorists tentatively edged forward to avoid scraping on coming traffic.

The delays lasted nearly 30 minutes, with one commuter describing the journey as unsafe.

He said: “For the second day in a row, traffic has caused so many problems near High Wycombe and it’s so frustrating.

“I understand that work needs to be done to make the roads safer, I get that.

“But why have the road shut during morning rush hour? That doesn’t make sense.

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“Also, why on earth would you divert traffic onto a single-track lane when their cars will come in the opposite direction?

“The delays it caused were terrible and I saw many people turning around to try and find another way to get where they need to go.

“It was ridiculous so dangerous.”

It has been confirmed that the road will be closed between November 15 and November 21 for gas repairs.