A historic pub and hotel in West Wycombe is grappling with fire safety woes, forcing temporary closure of its kitchen.

The area manager, Semeer Veshishta, revealed that the kitchen was shut down last week after Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service identified issues with their fire alarms, particularly those in the kitchen and staircase.

The expected delivery of the necessary parts has kept the pub's kitchen out of commission for eight days, crippling the trade.

"It's very pathetic, my business has gone down," said Veshishta of The George and Dragon in West Wycombe.

He lamented the inability to serve the local community, particularly the absence of their famous Sunday roast.

The bar area remains operational, with no guests being accommodated in the rooms.

Veshishta assured patrons that the kitchen is set to reopen early next week  after repairs.

The unexpected shutdown has also cast doubts over their Christmas season bookings, including a potential 50-person event, pending upcoming fire safety upgrades.

A spokesman from Bucks Fire and Rescue Service said: "Our Protection Officers visited The George and Dragon in West Wycombe on 8 November 2023, where a number of concerns were identified."

The findings will be available on the National Enforcement Register operated by the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC), around 28 days after the initial visit.

The 28-day timeframe enables The George and Dragon to seek advice or raise any challenges to their findings.

The fire service added: "During this time, we will continue to work with them providing advice on ways to address the issues identified during our inspection.

"Our main aim throughout is to ensure the safety of those working and visiting the building, while helping the owners to maintain their business."