A new footpath has been constructed in a town impacted by HS2 works making it safer for pedestrians. 

After extensive efforts from Buckinghamshire Council and parties involved, work has recently finished on a new path stretching 350 metres.

This fresh footway links pre-existing paths north of Fremantle Court Nursing Home into Stoke Mandeville and south along Risborough Road.

The newly built path was made possible by the HS2 Road Safety Fund, generously provided by the government to leave a legacy of safer roads for local communities impacted by HS2 construction.

It ensures an ample pedestrian route from the nursing home to the nearest shop, tucked within a service station at the junction of Risborough Road and North Lee Lane.

Ellesborough Parish Council chose the HS2 Road Safety fund to assist local residents and visitors at Fremantle Court, hence paving the way for the new route.

Steven Broadbent, Cabinet Member for Transport said: “We are delighted to have been able to respond to the local community and to bring about this improvement for local residents and visitors to the Fremantle Court Nursing Home.

"The A4010 is a very busy road which, together with adjoining roads in the area, has been heavily impacted by HS2 construction in terms of increased HGV traffic, road closures, diversions and traffic management.

"This scheme, which joins two existing footpaths, will enable residents and visitors to walk to the nearest shop in safety, while also extending the existing footpath from the Terrick roundabout along Risborough Road and into Stoke Mandeville.

"We know the changes will be welcomed by everyone in the local community.”

Steven added: “The disruption caused by the ongoing HS2 works on our doorstep continues to be a real headache for many local residents but with access to this limited funding, we are at least able to address a range of road safety concerns that might otherwise not have been possible so we can continue in our efforts to improve road safety for everyone across the county.”