Tory MPs Steve Baker and Joy Morrissey received more than £60,000 in donations between them over the last 12 months.

The Buckinghamshire politicians said the money was “properly declared”, although critics questioned donors’ motivations and warned that they may expect increased access in return for donations.

Last month alone, Baker – who is the Minister of State for Northern Ireland – registered a combined £10,000 from Charles Crofton-Atkins, Barrie Haigh and Derek Vere, half of which was for “campaigning support”, according to the Register of Members’ Financial Interests.

The MP for Wycombe told the BBC Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS): “My interests are properly declared in the usual way and have no influence on my decisions as a minister or MP.”

Another donor to Baker over the last 12 months was Neil Record, a former Bank of England economist, who was registered as giving the MP for Wycombe £10,000 in January.

Mr Record has also previously donated to the Global Warming Policy Foundation, a climate sceptic thinktank supported by Baker.

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The relationship between Baker and the group raises serious questions, according to the Labour Party candidate for Wycombe, Emma Reynolds, who is predicted to oust him at the next general election.

She told the LDRS: “There is real concern among local residents in Wycombe that Steve Baker has recently received a donation from an individual who is linked to the Global Warming Policy Foundation, which has questioned the science behind climate change and which the Charity Commission found had broken rules on impartiality.”

She added that it was “important that voters can see the types of individuals and organisations who are donating to a particular candidate”.

The Lib Dem candidate for Wycombe Toni Brodelle said constituents “deserved an MP who works hard for them” and labelled Baker “out-of-touch, complacent and largely absent”.

Another of Baker’s financial backers over the past 12 months was Matthew Ferrey, a longstanding donor to the MP and the Conservative Party, who gave him £3,750 for “campaigning support in my constituency”.

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In April, Baker also registered a donation of £2,500 from Jon Moynihan, a prominent former member of the pro-Brexit Vote Leave campaign.

Other donations for Baker over the last year include £10,000 from the hotelier Sir Rocco Forte, £5,000 from London-based company Xercise2 Ltd and £5,000 from Dorset construction firm John Reid & Sons.

Joy Morrissey’s donations over the past year were both from John Martin, who gave her two separate payments of £6,000 each.

The Tory MP for Beaconsfield told the LDRS: “The donations were properly declared in line with the rules of the House of Commons.

“I am happy to confirm that the donations are for research services, not a foreign trip, and do not leave me open to any influence. The transparency of donations to all MPs via the register is something I welcome.”

Susan Hawley, Executive Director of Spotlight on Corruption told the LDRS: “These kinds of donations are rarely given without the person behind the gift wanting increased access or to enhance their reputation.”