'Abandoned vehicles' are blighting roads across Chalfont St Peter raising concerns among residents.

Locals claim Buckinghamshire Council (BC) is unresponsive in tackling the issue, despite several reports made on the local authorities Fix My Street website.

Adam Marlow, a resident of Chalfont St Peter, claims the council is not investigating reports made on the website regarding 'abandoned vehicles'.

The council's website states signs of an abandoned vehicle as untaxed, stationary for a significant amount of time,  burnt out and the owner is not known locally, significantly damaged, run down or unroadworthy, for example, has flat tyres, missing wheels or broken windows or if the number plates are missing. 

Bucks Free Press: Abandoned van

Adam said: "I feel that BC aren't sticking to their own rules, ignoring reports of abandoned cars all over the county and neglecting to update people who report abandoned cars."

Currently, 37 reports of abandoned vehicles are filed in Chalfont St Peter according to the Fix My Street website.

Bucks Free Press: Vehicle left on side of the road

Adam has reported a black Ford Focus car on Nicol Road, which has "flat tyres" and "bits missing from the car".

Pictures on 'Fix my Street' show the poor condition of the mentioned car.

Adam emphasised the severity of the issue, saying: "This car is a fire hazard and cannot be moved in an emergency due to flat tyres.

"It's been in situ for over six months and reported by multiple people."

The Bucks Free Press, too, has shown interest in the issue as a follow-up to their recent story regarding the disturbance caused by abandoned vehicles.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team have grown "increasingly aware" of abandoned cars at Fieldhouse Lane Industrial Estate and Gossmore Recreation Ground causing 'fallout.'

Police say this is leading to considerable negative impacts on both the environment and residents.

However, Gareth Williams, Buckinghamshire Council's Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment answered this complaint.

He clarified that while the council takes all reported concerns seriously, placing the label 'abandoned' on a vehicle is not straightforward.

He said: "As there is no legal definition for an ‘abandoned’ vehicle, we have to consider surrounding circumstances, such as the vehicle's condition, the length of time it has been stationary, and its tax and MOT status."

The council confirmed that the car on Nicol Road was taxed recently in November and holds a valid MOT until May 2024.

Thus, the council does not label the vehicle as abandoned since the owner showed an intention to tax the vehicle.

Cllr Williams pledged prompt action to validate any reports of 'abandoned' vehicles. 

Adding: "If we consider a vehicle to be ‘abandoned’, an abandonment notice will be issued and attempts will be made to contact the registered keeper before removing the vehicle."

Residents are encouraged to report any concerns on the council's website.