The landlord of a pub in Buckinghamshire has thanked the local community for its ‘wonderful support’ after a water leak caused a bar ceiling to collapse.

Steve Blake, 69, the landlord of The Duke pub in Queens Road, Marlow, said his team had to confront “a double whammy” of issues over the past week when a major water leak, which caused the bar roof to collapse, coincided with urgent “remedial works” in the kitchen.

After a speedy response, the boozer has now undergone repairs and is all set to host a free ‘Surf Party’ this weekend, where Steve plans to thank his customers for their support during the stressful period.

He said: “A full ceiling came down in the bar as a result of a water leak, and then water issues and construction needed in the kitchen meant The Duke was not in a good space.

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“We didn’t take it lying down, though. We have a wonderful community in Marlow supporting us through this – plumbers, builders, and our customers as well!”

Due to the damages, the pub’s Wo Mei Chinese kitchen will close after Saturday night for two weeks, but Steve is determined to “fight back” against the issues and said he had been “touched” by the concern shown by his fellow residents in the town.

The Duke’s ‘Surf Party’, featuring San Francisco-based band The Ripcurls, will kick off this Saturday, November 18, at 7:30pm.

Steve said: “Thank you and see you there Marlow!”