EMPLOYEES at a key cutting retailer have been praised for their ‘random acts of kindness’ this week.

James Timpson, chief executive of Timpson group, has praised his employees on X (formerly Twitter) for the gestures of kindness made towards customers.

Timpson is a retailer which has stores based all across the UK. Their services include key cutting, dry cleaning, shoe and watch repairs, engravings, and more.

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Multiple employees were praised, including Dave who is based at the Tesco store in Loudwater. He gave an elderly couple a lift home with some heavy curtains.

Gary, who is based at a Timpson store in Marlow,  gave a customer some keys for their child to play with.

Here are some of the random acts of kindness my colleagues have done this week…🙏🙏🙏 pic.twitter.com/Jt5MvIKpzk

Larry, of a Timpson store in Winnersh, Sainsbury, Larry, bought parts and fixed a push bike for a homeless person.

Finally, Darren, based at a Timpson store in Henley, near Caversham, bought someone a coffee that was sitting in the middle of a busy road.

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People were quick to praise the employees, with one X user writing: “You're a great example of a company that leads from the front, and empowers staff to go above and beyond without fear of being told they're wasting time or money.”