IT MIGHT be time for council road contractors to go back to school.

A team who painted new road markings on Frogmoor, High Wycombe made an unfortunate error... writing out 'End' instead of 'And' for a bus and cycle lane.

The blunder was spotted by a resident comparing it to how it was previously spelt out on Google Street view.

Bucks Free Press:

John Wong who saw the incorrect typo said: “Typo on the newly paved road on Frogmoor High Wycombe. It was right on Google Street View." 

Public spelling mistakes are nothing new.

In June, a misprinted road sign was spotted on the new stretch of road built by the HS2 in Wendover.

An eagle-eyed resident posted a picture of the sign on social media directing drivers to ‘Princess Risborough’ instead of Princes Risborough.

It left locals amused at the time.

Councillor Steven Broadbent is Buckinghamshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport.

He said: “We are aware of this unfortunate error and are working with our contractors to get this corrected as soon as we can, at no cost to residents.”