A man has been jailed for four months for possessing a blade in a public place.

Thames Valley Police officers arrested a man on Saturday, November 18, for possessing a blade in a public place in Buckinghamshire.

A South Buckinghamshire Neighbourhood Team arrested Michael Robinson for possession of a bladed article in a public place on Saturday.

Following police enquiries, he was remanded in custody on Sunday night.

Yesterday (November 20), Robinson was sentenced to four months in prison after pleading guilty to the offence. 

The week beginning Monday, November 13 marked the commencement of the force's Operation Sceptre initiative, aimed at promoting awareness of and action against knife crime and violence.

Jules Bottazzi, Head of the Thames Valley Violence Reduction Unit, said: “Tackling knife crime and creating safer communities is a shared priority and our approach recognises that we need to place equal importance on education and preventing those vulnerable to crime (from) getting involved in the first place.

“We need parents, community leaders, young people, to work together so that we tackle the fear, provide trusted role models, encourage young people to ask for help and turn away from violence or carrying a knife.”