A councillor has demanded action from Milton Keynes City Council after it left a disabled resident and her son living with multiple repair issues for years.

Conservative councillor Peter Geary called on the unitary authority to request that the chief executive “provide assurances in writing to councillors that the lack of empathy or sympathy in this case is isolated and is not cultural to the organisation as a whole”.

The Housing Ombudsman ordered the former Milton Keynes Council to pay £5,500 in June 2023 after its finding of finding of “severe maladministration” against the landlord due to its “inappropriate complaint handling”.

Between 2017 and 2021, vital maintenance was not carried out at the household of the visually impaired, partially sighted resident and her son who has a heart condition.

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Repair logs showed at least 120 jobs raised over four years, with issues at the property including a rat infestation, mould and fungus in the bathroom, a leaking roof and electrical problems.

The council is being asked to confirm that it has apologised and paid the compensation of £5,500, according to a motion put forward by Cllr Geary for the November 22 council meeting.

The motion calls on the Chief Executive to “further apologise on behalf of the Labour Liberal Democrat coalition and all members of the council”.

In June, the council said in a statement: “We recognise the decision; we apologise to the resident for their experience, and we have put actions in place to prevent these kinds of delays happening again.”