A FARM has welcomed new goats after their last beloved kids were stolen in an overnight raid.

Kew Little Pigs in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, were victim to seven goats being stolen in October last year.

Now, visitors can now enjoy friendly interactions with new goats Sunday, Rose, Comet and Blitzen, who represent a moment of healing after the traumatic theft.

In October 2022, Ariel, Gabriel, Domino, Bacardi, Bailey, Violet and Georgia were stolen from the farm by brazen thieves and were never seen again.

Despite a Thames Valley Police investigation, no one has ever been brought to justice for the crime, which was caught on CCTV.

The thieves also left behind ropes that they had used to tether the animals, who would have been sleeping when the incident occurred.

Speaking at the time of the incident Kew Little Pigs owner Olivia Mikhail, said: "I am absolutely petrified that they will be killed for meat, they are part of our family and I can't stop thinking about what might be happening to them.

"These are tame pet goats, and they have a happy life on the farm.

"We take security incredibly seriously so this is obviously a planned raid by someone who has come and seen what measures we have in place. It feels like a terrible violation."

Following the thefts the farm has stepped up security even further and the arrival of the new goats has been met with joy from staff who were left traumatised by the loss of the animals.

Olivia said: "Welcoming Sunday, Rose, Comet and Blitzen has really been a cathartic moment, we are still in shock a year on about what happened, but we are confident in our security measures, and know that the goats will have a happy life here.

"It still hurts that we never found out what happened to the goats, it is something that is very hard to get over and these goats are not replacements.

"But they are filling a huge hole that was left behind and that is a wonderful thing."

Kew Little Pigs opened at Old Amersham Farm in 2010, and is an award-winning haven for the attraction's micro pigs, as well as a host of other animals.

The farm recently opened a brand new indoor barn enclosure, which means that visitors can enjoy hands-on interactions with the animals whatever the weather.