Nigel Farage recalled 'being stuck' and hearing an 'explosion' following a serious plane crash in Buckinghamshire on last night's episode of I'm A Celebrity.

Broadcaster and former politician Nigel Farage told his I'm A Celeb campmates about a serious plane crash he experienced over a decade ago in Buckinghamshire in last night's episode of the popular reality TV programme (November 21).

The 59-year-old former leader of the UKIP party, who was also Leader of the Brexit Party between 2019 and 2021, told his co-stars that he was "being an idiot" and "flying a banner with a Brexit message" from the plane before it crashed into an airfield on the Buckinghamshire border in May 2010. 

Farage, who was the UKIP parliamentary candidate for Buckingham at the time, sustained injuries including "broken ribs, a split sternum and a punctured lung" from the crash.

Speaking on the ITV programme, he said: "I don't recall being unconscious, but I do recall the explosion, the plane flipping over and being stuck in there."

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The controversial public figure, whose appearance on I'm A Celebrity has prompted some fans of the show to boycott the season, was involved in an aircraft crash at Hinton-In-The-Edges Airfield on the border between Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire 13 years ago. 

It was reported at the time that the plane was towing a banner with the slogan 'Vote for your country - Vote UKIP', which ended up getting caught in the plane's engine.

Lord Pearson, the UKIP party leader at the time, said Farage had quickly bounced back to his "normal form" and had "a remarkably lucky escape".