A Hollywood blockbuster that was filmed in a Buckinghamshire park has been released in cinemas this week.

Residents living near West Wycombe Park on the edge of High Wycombe spotted a large marquee, horse-drawn carriages and extras decked out in historic costumes when film crews descended upon the site in March 2022. 

The set was confirmed to be for renowned director Ridley Scott's Napoleon film, a dramatisation of the life of the inimitable French leader starring Joaquin Phoenix in its titular role.

The film was released in UK cinemas on November 22, and while some critics have been divided as to its historical accuracy and cohesion, there's no denying that the sweeping landscapes of Buckinghamshire provide an impressive setting for the narrative to unfold.

West Wycombe Park was one of several locations across the country that were substituted for 18th century France during production, and Clive Harriss, Buckinghamshire Council's Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure described the spot as "an ideal backdrop for filmmakers" due to its "beauty and cultural richness". 

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He added: "Buckinghamshire's picturesque landscapes and historic locations not only elevate the cinematic experience but also generate significant economic benefits for local businesses.

"The film industry's presence in Buckinghamshire creates job opportunities, stimulates local spending and fosters a vibrant creative community.

“The exposure generated by productions like Napoleon also enhances the region's appeal, drawing tourists eager to explore the settings they've seen on the big screen.

"Having West Wycombe Park featured in Ridley Scott's Napoleon is incredibly exciting and will shine a spotlight on Buckinghamshire, reinforcing its status as a thriving hub for the film and television industry."