AN EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes tour of a Love Island star's farm has revealed his love for the Bucks countryside.

Will Young, best known for being on Series 9 of Love Island, has given an exclusive interview following the release of his new book For The Love Of Farming: Will’s guide to life in the fields. 

The young sheep farmer spoke to the Bucks Free Press about the agriculture industry and how his popularity has grown through TikTok.

The book itself is an illustrated step-by-step, where Will describes the processes of rearing sheep including treating them for lameness, hoof trimming and, of course, lambing. 

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Bucks Free Press: Book cover. Pic by Lewis LaneyBook cover. Pic by Lewis Laney (Image: Lewis Laney)

The family farm is based in Grendon Underwood, north of Buckinghamshire, featuring sheep, alpacas, goats, emus and pigs Timon and Pumba.

He said: "I'm a country boy living on the farm. It's very accessible, you're not in the middle of nowhere and being in the younger generation it's nice being able to have the balance of - you graft during the week and say you did have an afternoon - you can get to London and hang out with friends.

"Growing up in the farming industry there is a lot of isolation and mental health is a big thing as people don't get out.

"When you're out on the farm all the time, if you don't get other human contact you will feel down and lonely." 

"Farming in the Bucks area means you're very accessible to go out and get other interaction that you need.

"From a scenery point of view, we're sat here seeing the hill at the bottom and you see all green grass it's beautiful."

Bucks Free Press:

Jessie Wynter, Will's girlfriend who travelled from Australia to be on the farm, said: "It's a good community feel.

"I have people from Buckinghamshire message me all the time saying 'come get your hair done here etc' and everyone is so lovely and welcoming. 

The pair even revealed how welcoming Aylesbury pub The Akeman Inn was when it was her birthday. 

"The Akeman up the road saw it was my birthday when I booked a dinner there and they actually got me a birthday present and said 'I know you're away from family'. They had a birthday card and a present it was so sweet. Everyone around here as been so welcoming and lovely, so there's no need to leave!" 

Will started his social media career before entering the Love Island villa creating TikTok videos about his farm. 

His fame on Love Island has helped him grow his success as a farmer giving him new opportunities, like publishing a book.

He said: "Love island was great in the way it gave you such a bigger platform and a bigger audience and I've always wanted to be connected within the farming industry.

"In the last six months, I would be lying to say I was out on the farm all the time as I've got such amazing opportunities within the agriculture industry without love island I would never have got.

"Like going to Kenya and Scotland and doing some filming on farms there, and Canada where we presented an agriculture show.

"Initially, we came back from the show and went into the busy lambing period. Now is the opportunity of Will to use his voice to raise awareness, " Jessie added.

On speaking about the book, Will said: "I got approached by a publisher but I wasn't brilliant at school in English. I got tutored for it and took extra lessons to try and pass the subject, a publisher came to me and said he'd love to write a book about you.

"I was worried how I would put it together and they helped with the writing and piecing it together.

"It's something I'd never thought I'd do but one of my proudest achievements I've done is creating a book and such a nicer and better way to put out important aspects of farming."

Will's book is available to buy on Amazon, WH Smith, Waterstones and other retailers.