A charity shop in High Wycombe has thanked members of the public for their donations, despite being situated in a nearly empty shopping centre.

Bobkin’s Bazaar, which is based in the Chiltern Shopping Centre, is the sister company of Wycombe Food Hub.

And despite their relatively quiet donation, the charity receives donations on a regular basis.

The not-for-profit organisation specialise in selling clothes, toys and other household items at very cheap rates.

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Nikki Montague, who works at the shop, said: “A lot of people who come to the Wycombe Food Hub don’t realise we’re part of the same thing.

“They will be in the food section, look over and see everything, they’ll always say, ‘I didn’t know you sell clothes’, and even though we’re on the shop in terms of space, we’re two shops.

“Once word started to spread, we got more donations coming through as we’re not just a food bank.

“We want to help the community through clothes as well and it’s nice to see that people realise we’re trying to help.”

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However, one negative element that the volunteers and paid-for members of staff have to encounter is the high level of bartering or haggling within the shop.

The negotiation tactic has become so prevalent that a sign is displayed next to the charity shop’s till, discouraging those to try and argue for a cheaper price.

Nikki continued: “People always barter over toys, clothes, plates…everything.

Bucks Free Press: The sign that is displayed within the shopThe sign that is displayed within the shop (Image: NQ)

“We have got some gold plates that we’ve put up at 50p each, and some people are telling us that it’s too expensive when it’s not.

“We look into how much these things are and put up what we think is a fair price, as the money is going to charity.

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“People will always try even though everything we have has a price tag on.

Finally, on working at the charity, which is one of many second-hand shops within High Wycombe, Nikki concluded: “It’s really good working here as we have a lot of fun.

"I’m one of those people who can’t sit still for very long, I need to be on the move all the time.

"We get to interact with the customers and love going through all the donations that we get given.”