High Wycombe's Christmas market is up and running for 2023 and will attract hundreds of visitors over the course of the festive period.

The German-themed attraction has long been a part of the Eden Shopping Centre's Christmas celebrations and people keep coming back year after year.

This year, there are a number of food stalls selling delicious treats offering food to take home or even eat there and then. From the classic Bratwurst sausage to desert items that satisfy that sweet tooth, there are so many options to choose from.

Owner of the Christmas markets Mark Roberts said: "We took on High Wycombe about three year's ago and we've been doing it ever since and then this year we decided to fetch more stalls this end to make it a more Christmassy market feel in the town centre. 

"We picked what stalls we wanted to sell personally and being local we chose what the public like.

"Last year we tried the cheese and it was a massive hit so this year we have a bigger cheese stall. It was popular last weekend when it was the light switch on and the donuts the same, you can come to the cinema get some donuts and make a night out of it. 

"Last year we did suffered a bit with the wet weekends so I hope this year we'll get dry spell and Osaka has opened this year but last year we had an empty unit and the elf school which has moved down to this year as an eco tree thing for the children. We've got the festoon lighting with the shops so it seems to have tied it all in well.

"So come down to the Christmas market in High Wycombe where you can get delicious donuts traditional German sausages and authentic cheese and fun fair rides you can ride on the weekends for the children and also you can get German sausage and German beer and don't forget we're open till late most evenings."

Here's everything you'll find at the Christmas market


Bucks Free Press: Hot chocolate

Italian luxury hot chocolate £3.50 which includes whipped cream and marshmallows. They also serve mulled wine.

German Sausage House

Bucks Free Press: Currywurst at the German Sausage stall

Traditional German Sausage Bratwurst for £7.00, Krakeur (Currywurst) £7 or Cheesewurst £7.

Delisious Donuts 

Bucks Free Press: The markets

Hot donuts with sugar £1.50 or 4 for £5 (with either cream, nutella, biscoff, oreo or white chocolate)

Churros with cinnamon sugar £1.50 or 4 for £5.

Hot chocolate £3.50 or with cream and marshmallows £4.00

Gourmet Cheeses

Bucks Free Press: Gourmet cheese stall

A selection of cheddars for £7.99 or three for £20.

Chocolate Kisses

Bucks Free Press: Chocolate Kisses

A traditional German treat with a fluffy filling inside for £1.50 each.

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