Motorists in a Buckinghamshire town have complained of 'nightmare' delays caused by three roadworks projects taking place simultaneously in the same area. 

Drivers in High Wycombe are facing significant delays to their journeys today (November 28) as three Buckinghamshire Council-approved utility roadworks overlap in the same area of the town. 

The Scottish and Southern Power Network (SSPN) implemented multi-way signal traffic controls on Amersham Hill when emergency works began last Monday, November 20, and the project is scheduled to wrap up at 4:30pm tomorrow, November 29.

The SSPN also initiated emergency roadworks on Queen Victoria Road yesterday, November 27, putting in place a lane closure that will be lifted on Friday, December 1.

Additionally, telecom company Open Reach commenced separate emergency works on Amersham Road last Thursday, November 23, with an estimated completion date of midnight tomorrow, November 29.

During the period of overlap between the three emergency projects, motorists in High Wycombe have voiced their frustration about the ensuing congestion and delays on Facebook.

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Jay Hawkins described the traffic on Amersham Hill as "a joke" and Rabia Omer added that the stretch of road had become "a nightmare" for commuters in the mornings.

Debbie Costanzo wrote: "It used to take me 25 minutes to do a school run to St Michael's (Catholic School) - now it takes me over an hour" and Steve Freyer warned other drivers to "avoid (the area) at all costs".

Toby Channers said there had been an "absolutely ridiculous amount of roadworks in the area recently" and Phyllis Hobbs said the busy part of High Wycombe was "bedlam" when she drove through it on Saturday. 

A spokesperson for Buckinghamshire Highways acknowledged that the three concurrent projects were causing congestion in the area and apologised to those affected.

They added: "Please avoid the area if you can."