A singer from Bucks has made it on to the next round of The Voice UK.

Hayley Chart, 52, from Chalfont St Giles took to The Voice stage with her unique, husky voice and charisma that had the celebrity judges Will.i.am, Tom Jones, Anne-Marie and Olly Murs singing along by the end of her performance on November 25. 

Hayley, who described herself as “not your average singer but more of an entertainer” is now in for a chance to win a record contract and £50,000 in cash as part of the latest season seven of ITV’s hit reality show.

She told the Free Press: “I’m marmite, you either hate me or love me. I’m really loud, but I’m not pretending to be anyone else. I’ve got some bad comments on the internet saying stuff about my voice or I’m really common, but why should I sing a certain way or change.”

Bucks Free Press: Hayley on The Voice UK backstage. Hayley on The Voice UK backstage. (Image: Hayley Chart)

During the fourth round of blind auditions aired on November 25, Hayley sang Nina Simone’s Sinnerman, a powerful tune mixing blues, gospel and jazz, which left judge Tom Jones stunned with his “jaw dropped,” she said.

You can watch Hayley's performance below. 

Hayley revealed what the star judges are like behind the scenes, saying they were “lovely” and “they all give hugs.”

“They only show you little bits but there were loads of moments with them. I got a big hug from Tom Jones, that is quite something. His jaw was down after my performance, he didn’t expect something like that, he was expecting just singing.”

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Before The Voice, Hayley was in a “dark place” mentally.

Tragically, she lost her mum and sister 18 months ago only one month apart.

Bucks Free Press: Hayley with her mum and sister who tragically died only a month apart.Hayley with her mum and sister who tragically died only a month apart. (Image: Hayley Chart)

“We buried them a month apart. I did lose the plot a bit and buried my head in the sand. I was a bit lost and it gave me something to focus on,” she said.

Hayley’s journey on The Voice began on a street while out busking, when a man working for the show spotted her and encouraged her to apply.

“I was so chuffed when I heard I made it to the next round. I’ve kind of got to a stage in my life you forget your worth. I was doing the old pub gig here and there, just plodding along.”

She praised The Voice production and the other “brilliant” singers, many who have years of experience performing at big weddings, gigs and backing for famous people, she said.

“I know I’m not the best singer in the world but I like to think I show my character to people.

“I’m not everyone’s cup of tea but I’d drink that!”, she added.

Next Hayley will perform live at the Chalfont St Giles Christmas lights switch on event on Saturday, December 2 as her journey on The Voice continues.

Bucks Free Press: Hayley said she loved getting 'glammed up' for her blind audition.Hayley said she loved getting 'glammed up' for her blind audition. (Image: Hayley Chart)