A Caribbean restaurant in High Wycombe has celebrated its first year in business.

James William Diners, which is based at the top of Crendon Street within the town, first opened its doors to the public in November last year.

The establishment, as it stands, is the only permanent eating place that specialises in food from the West Indies to be based in the area.

The other only eatery that offers Caribbean meals in the town is the mobile van, Zink, which can be seen along the High Wycombe High Street.

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Bucks Free Press: Andrew St Ange (right) and his wife Cynthia (left) in the shopAndrew St Ange (right) and his wife Cynthia (left) in the shop (Image: NQ)

Founder and proprietor Andrew St Ange told the Free Press: “I have loved the way the community has embraced us.

“It’s been incredibly multicultural as we’ve had people from all nations come in and enjoy the food, as everyone is welcome.

“Overall, the last 12 months have been great.

“Of course, you get your challenges, especially when you start up, but I have loved it.”

Despite being one year old, JWD has been in the making since the early 1990s after Andrew visited the United States of America.

He noticed several small Caribbean restaurants that were very popular amongst their respective communities and thought that there should be a similar line of entries in the United Kingdom.

Bucks Free Press: The restaurant is named after James Williams (left), Andrew's fatherThe restaurant is named after James Williams (left), Andrew's father (Image: NQ)

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After looking at a unit in Aylesbury [which would coincidentally also be turned into a Caribbean restaurant called the S&S Kitchen], Andrew and his family opted to choose the Crendon Street location for space and positional power.

He continued: “We did think about Desborough Road but thought we should aim for a different clientele.  

“And after noticing this unit was free, we knew it could work.

“We’re not far away from the train station, we’re opposite many estate agents who come in for lunch, and due to the traffic along this road, we’ve seen people make note of us being here.

“They’ve never got out of the car per say, but we’ve noticed it.

“This is good advertising for us.”

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Bucks Free Press: The husband and wife team pose in front of a poster of Saint Lucian's Jade Mountains The husband and wife team pose in front of a poster of Saint Lucian's Jade Mountains (Image: NQ)

On the name of the restaurant and wanting to create his own business, he explained: “I’ve always wanted to own my own restaurant.

“I used to work in engineering which was a very sound and safe career.

“So to stop doing that and to take up this challenge was very scary, but this had been in my mind for 30-plus years so I needed to give it a go, and James William was my father.

“I’m a great believer that a man should leave a legacy.

“I decided to name this place after him so it keeps his name going, but my kids will then say my dad started this.

“And that’s how the name came about.

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“I was going to call this place Bellyfull, but James William Diners sounds a lot better!

Finally, the Saint Lucian eatery also holds a weekly Sunday morning event called ‘Breakfast and the Word’.

This is where guests will receive a free breakfast whilst learning about passages from the Bible and listening to worship music.

For more information, visit www.jameswilliamdiners.co.uk.