Customers have reacted positively to the food at a popular High Wycombe restaurant following their new hygiene rating.

The Dolphin Eye, which is based along Totteridge Lane, was handed a score of one out of five in September 2022 following an inspection.

Fast forward to the autumn of 2023, the establishment, which focuses on Indian and Nepalese cuisine is now seeing a flurry of customers entering their vicinity enjoying their food.

One couple, who travelled all the way from Fairford Leys to High Wycombe to visit the Dolphin Eye said: “The food was fantastic and we’ll 100 per cent be coming back.

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“I even ordered a takeaway for my son and he too enjoyed it.

Bucks Free Press: The eating area was opened this year and is well-liked by customers The eating area was opened this year and is well-liked by customers (Image: NQ)

“The chicken was so succulent and I didn’t leave thinking I could eat more.

“Also, the keema naan was incredibly light.

“Usually, naan bread is very doughy, heavy and stogie, but this wasn’t.

“It wasn’t oily, they broke it into four quarters, and it really complimented our main meal.

“It was great.”

Another customer, who travelled from Holmer Green, said: “I opted to have the curried goat and it was one of the nicest I’ve had.

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“I grew up on that and have it in different restaurants, but this was one of the best.

“The Bombay potatoes were also excellent and the waiting time from ordering to getting the food wasn’t that long.”

One visitor, who is a fan of Asian food, added: “When I heard that the Dolphin Eye had a better food hygiene rating, I thought I’d try them out.

“I opted to go for the chicken madras as I love my food to be hot.

Bucks Free Press: The drinking area within the establishment The drinking area within the establishment (Image: NQ)

“It was perfect.

“The sauces were swimming, the chicken was well cooked and the naan was very light.

“I’ll be coming back.”

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Despite their low score being made public in the autumn of last year, many locals continued to visit the Dolphin whilst changes were being made.

This includes spending thousands of pounds on refurbishing its main eating area with new carpet, décor and tables.

The pub also has two chefs who specialise in creating authentic food native to both India and Nepal.

Manager Raj Bhandari told the Free Press at the start of November: “When we got that low hygiene rating a year ago from the inspector, we knew that we had to improve.

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“We cleaned everything and updated lots of different things around the restaurant to make sure it was all good.

“The customers coming in is of course the most important thing for us, so we want to make sure that we do everything correctly.”