Motorists have been asked to ‘follow diversion signs’ in Chesham following heavy traffic in the town.

During the morning rush hour on Thursday, November 30, long queues were spotted in the Waterside section of the town, which has been caused by ongoing roadworks.

The tailbacks have also been caused by drivers ignoring ‘no entry’ displays by the Chesham Air Pool.

Sergeant Evans from Thames Valley Police said; “I found myself again policing a no-entry sign this afternoon in Waterside due to ongoing Road Works.

“Many people approached and asked if they could go through.

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“They were all advised to turn around and follow the diversions.

“HGV’s were blocking roads, people were getting stuck and some getting angry and frustrated.

“Whilst I empathise with frustrations, there is no lawful excuse for driving through a no entry.

“Whilst it may seem like a quick cut-through, drivers are risking their own and others' safety.

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"If issued with a fixed penalty notice (and hopefully soon via automatic cameras) and asked to account for why a no-entry rule was breached, there are no boxes to tick for 'I only live over there' or 'I thought I could do it'.

Diversions will take drivers to Chesham Bois and back down into Chesham.