A SHOPPING centre employee has been suspended over 'antisemetic' videos posted online.

A security guard at Friars Square Shopping Centre in Aylesbury has been accused of posting political views and videos about the war in Israel-Gaza on his own social media pages.

Friars Square bosses have since confirmed the employee has been suspended.

In one recent Instagram post, Sirtaj Rahman talks about the controversy of sharing his own political views about Palestine.

He also mentions the killing of Palestinian civilians and another video shared on his page shows an Israeli boxer getting beaten in the ring.

The videos and messages shared on his page to his 57.1K followers has sparked concerns from members of the community.

Mr K Yates made reference to the fact Sirtaj is posting these videos in his work uniform.

Questions have also been raised on whether Jewish people are safe when visiting the town centre.

He said: "Sirtaj Rahmen of Aylesbury has a following of 57,000 people in Instagram, and countless more on other socials. He describes himself as a public figure. 

"Various posts are made on various topics in various settings.  But when these are made in a public workplace in identifiable uniform in Friars Square shopping centre the line is crossed between private and public spheres. 

"As a Muslim he is clearly and rightly concerned about loss of life in Gaza but shows zero interest in the Oct 7 atrocities against Jews. There are several anti Israeli posts, some videos are filmed at Friars Square whilst in uniform.

"Does Friars Square condone this behaviour from it's staff? Do Jewish shoppers feel welcome and safe when visiting?

"In one post at a bar not in uniform he knockouts a punch bag with Israel tagged on it which is extremely aggressive. "

A spokesperson for Friars Square said: “The shopping centre was not aware of this issue until it was brought to our attention.

"We have asked our security company to investigate and we have since been informed that one of their employees has been suspended.”

Sirtaj Rahman has been contacted for comment.