A Buckinghamshire postal delivery company has suffered a blow after a regulator ruled in favour of Royal Mail following a recent dispute between the two groups.

Whistl, a postal delivery company based in Marlow, submitted a complaint to Royal Mail’s regulator Ofcom back in the spring on the basis that the postal giant had charged overly substantial sums for delegating all but final-mile delivery of large quantities of mail to Whistl.

The Marlow company complained to Ofcom that Royal Mail was levying unfair charges against it for operating in a mail collection and sorting capacity before handing the letters over to Royal Mail couriers. 

However, Ofcom ruled yesterday (December 6) that the charges levied by Royal Mail were “fair and reasonable”, although a report added that incurred costs should be “appropriately considered” by the group.

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The dispute is not the first time Whistl has attempted to take on the larger postal service, with the former continuing to pursue £600 million worth of damages for a separate legal case alleging that Royal Mail has blocked Whistl from rising through the ranks to become a rival end-to-end mail delivery service.

Ofcom also previously imposed a £50 million fine on Royal Mail back in 2018 for breaching competition law after Whistl - trading under the name of TNT Post – took steps towards becoming its first end-to-end competitor in the industry.