A Non League football team that has been without a stadium since 2006 will not be moving back into their previous ground.

Aylesbury United, who were forced to leave their Buckingham Road home following the expiration of their lease, had hoped for a return to their old stomping ground, which has now become derelict within the town.

And on Wednesday, December 13, a planning application meeting will be held to see whether the once popular spot for regular football will be turned into a housing estate.

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Since their eviction from the stadium, they have ground shared with Chesham United, Leighton Buzzard, Thame United and back with Chesham.

However, those at the club remain positive that a solution to find a new home will take place shortly, with Aylesbury United having options to look at.

In a statement that was published on December 6, chairman Graham Read said: “If permission is granted, personally it will end 18* years of hurt.

“Having been evicted through no fault of our own, I have made it a personal mission to trace the ownership and do everything in the club’s power to get it back.

“Within the first six months since the ground was sold, it had already changed hands three times, with a company called Beachwood Holdings the highest bidder and taking ownership.

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“We had many conversations with the new owners – they wanted our support to develop on the land and in turn would help us find a new home.

“But before that could happen, the company went bust and Allied Irish Bank took possession in lieu of the outstanding monies loaned against it.

“Buckingham Road sat with the AIB for many, many years, but we never lost trace, making regular telephone calls to see what was happening with it.

“Then in June 2019, I received a call from their property department saying it had become a toxic debt on their balance sheet and they were willing to release it for auction.

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“I attended the auction in London and made our bid but unfortunately we were outbid – although in hindsight it was not a bad thing as the pandemic struck the following March, and we would have had no way to service a debt over £600,000.

“The lot went for £850,000 in the end, and I made a point of introducing myself to the new owners, and made it clear should planning be refused we would be interested.

“This contact and relationship has been ongoing.”

“I know it’s a very sad day, but I think we should support the application and move on.”

In terms of the future, the club have been offered to use space in the Fairford Leys area of the town, despite this proposal having ‘some issues to overcome’.

Additionally, the club could play on a piece of new development on the edge of Aylesbury, whilst also having the opportunity to use land ‘to build a stadium far greater than Buckingham Road.

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Mr Read continued: “So as we bid farewell to Buckingham Road (subject to the approval of the application) the future looks positive.

“I’m more confident than ever that with your continued fantastic support, combined with the efforts of the current board of directors, we can deliver and Bring the Ducks Home together.”