Bus passengers have left scathing online reviews about Arriva, with thousands of low scores rating the service as ‘bad’.

People across the country have rated their experience with Arriva, whic is just one of the many companies providing transport in Buckinghamshire.   

Around 2,826 reviews have been submitted on Trustpilot to date, a consumer review platform open to anyone to rate their experience with a business.

A whopping 92 percent of ratings were one-star ratings, leaving Arriva with an average of 1.2 out of five stars on Trustpilot.

Go Ahead, which Carousel Buses is part of, was rated as "poor" after 1.8 out of five rating based on 55 reviews. 

First Bus scored 1.2 out of five stars similar to Arriva, with 92 percent out of 2,208 reviews being one-star, meaning the service was rated as "bad." 

Ian Steele said on Trustpilot bus 13 service in High Wycombe was “terrible.”

He wrote on October 24: “Buses just don't show up for an hour around 9am when people are trying to get to work. The app is useless says a bus is 1 minute away and then it doesn't show.

“Just look at the reviews for this awful company – well over 2000 unhappy customers!”

Arriva Bus responded to his comment the same day, apologising about “the service shortfall.”

“Your time is valuable and that it’s never ideal when you’re kept waiting,” Arriva customer service wrote.

Paulina Pedrak left a one star rating on November 16, saying bus service 2 doesn’t “even bother to show up.”

She claimed buses appeared on the app before they suddenly disappear and are cancelled “last minute,” a recurring problem reported to the Free Press by two parents.

“Last two weeks I was always late for work or waiting ages to comeback from work. Spent so much money for taxis,” Paulina added.

Following a recent network upgrade and passenger complaints in High Wycombe, Arriva promised service revisions from January 7, 2024.

A spokesperson for Arriva South said: "The issue with platforms such as this is that we cannot verify the accuracy of any comments made and we’ve noted that Arriva’s score is on a par with other bus operators.

"We always invite our customers to speak to us directly about any issues they have and we have replied to people on this website asking for their help so we can look into any problems.

"As a company who cares about making bus transport the best option for people in Buckinghamshire and beyond, we listen to our customers who communicate with us and we often make changes based on what they tell us.

"Our buses transport millions of people to where they need to go seven days a week and we do our job safely and as best we can. In fact, many passengers do call us with their positive experiences."