A fish and chip shop owner has said they were shocked to find out they were scored one stars during a recent food hygiene inspection.

As previously reported, the Fish and Mangal in Great Missenden went from a four-star to one-star after an inspection in October.

The business, which opened in March 2022, told the BFP they hope the score won’t impact their reputation whilst remaining hopeful that an improved rating will be issued by the end of the year.

If not, then by January.

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Bucks Free Press: The Fish and Mangal is based in Great Missenden The Fish and Mangal is based in Great Missenden (Image: NQ)

Owner Hakan Kandemir said: “Our paperwork was a bit short and that’s caused it.

“We were a four-star but because of the paperwork, we were told it would be knocked down to two so we were very shocked to receive the one.

“We have been in contact and we have done everything we can.

“Hopefully we can get back our four-star rating, or even a five.”

The inspection took place on October 31 and following an examination of the Station Approach premises, it was concluded that whilst the structural compliance was ‘good’, food hygiene and safety needed ‘necessary improvement’.

Additionally, it was suggested that the confidence in management needed ‘necessary major improvement.’

He continued: “We don’t deserve the one star as everyone who knows us knows how we keep our business clean.

“We don’t feel good about it and we have tried our best but hopefully, we’ll get a higher mark.”

The business also encourages customers to leave them a positive review on Google to help attract more business. 

The score means that out of Buckinghamshire's 299 takeaways with ratings, 172 (58 per cent) have ratings of five and just one has a zero rating.

Scoring table

0 – Urgent improvement is necessary

1 – Major improvements are necessary

2 – Improvements necessary

3 – Business generally satisfactory

4 – Business good on assessment

5 – Business is seen as very good