A motorist was caught speeding at 100mph by the Handy Cross Roundabout in High Wycombe.

At around 9.35pm on Thursday, December 7, officers from Thames Valley Police were on patrol and noticed the car, which happened to be a Ford Focus, clocking the high speed in ‘treacherous weather conditions’.

The driver in question was pulled over and was made to take part in several preliminary roadside impairment tests (a breath test and a drug wipe), which they passed.

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Officers from our TVP South Buckinghamshire Roads Polcing base were joining the M40 at Junction 4 last night when a Ford...

Posted by TVP Roads Policing on Friday, 8 December 2023

In a brief statement, Thames Valley Police said: “Driving at this speed will see the driver explaining to the court why they thought driving at these speeds on a motorway is acceptable.

“The outcome at court can include points, a fine and a ban.

“Think about these things before you do it, it can affect your employment and cause difficulties in your personal life.”