A BUCKINGHAMSHIRE school is celebrating achieving its fifth consecutive outstanding rating from Ofsted.

The Pace Centre, containing 38 full-time and 8 part-time students from ages 3 to 16 with complex physical disabilities, was notably appreciated for its quality of education, behaviour, personal development, leadership, and management.

Inspectors found that "this outstanding school makes a significant and profound difference to pupils’ lives.

"Staff have very high expectations and go the extra mile to ensure that pupils accomplish great things."

They commended the caring ethos and the nurturing environment provided by the staff that bolsters students' self-esteem and self-worth.

"The school holds pupils’ best interests at the forefront of its work."

Inspectors found pupils' behaviour and attitudes to be "excellent". They felt safe and demonstrated happiness, showing their trust in the staff.

The school offers various clubs and outdoor activities, allowing pupils to grow their interests and talents.

Inspectors noted the Pace Centre's exceptional quality of education, describing it as "first class", recognising unwavering ambition for students and staff.

Pupils exceed their potential, leaving school well-prepared for their future.

"Parents are unanimous in their appreciation of the school, with most describing it as a ‘place that sees possibility where others only see disability’."

Particular praise was given to the curriculum, which "is structured superbly.

"Each pupil has a bespoke curriculum designed to meet their particular needs."

Staff, in collaboration with therapists, developed learning goals capturing pupils’ interests and sensory needs.

The curriculum integrates specialist support and therapies both within lessons and on a one-to-one basis, including occupational, speech and language, hydro and movement therapies.

In recognition of the Centre's educational approach, inspectors noted that "Pupils achieve highly from their individual starting points," providing them with various communication methods fitting their unique needs.

They learn to express their needs and knowledge exceptionally well.

Reading sits at the heart of the curriculum with a tailored learning plan for each student to read efficiently.

A calm and peaceful atmosphere was found to pervade all classrooms, fostering a commitment and concentration in students.

Pupils are promoting independence confidently using their powered wheelchairs, expressing joy through their accomplishments.

Finally, the Pace Centre's safeguarding arrangements were found to be effective, ensuring security and peace of mind for both parents and students.

The school proves to be not just an educational institution but also a home dedicated to superior individual growth and care.