A two bedroom house tailored for a lifetime of comfortable living could be built in Hazlemere.

This is one of many applications submitted to Buckinghamshire Council this week.

The submitted proposal is for a part two-storey and single-storey eco-friendly residence in  25 Green Street.

This comes after the decision to turn down previous plans for a pair of three-bedroom semi-detached homes at the address.

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The proposed dwelling is designed to accommodate ground floor sleeping, providing easy access for all potential inhabitants.

Taking advantage of the land adjacent to 25 Green Street, the construction maintains the relative openness of the site, reflecting the pattern of development in the area.

In agreement with local policies, the building will seek to maintain a visually pleasant façade facing both Green Street and Grove Road, instead of presenting a blank wall to the public's sight.

Designed for sustainability, the home will optimise solar gains and natural light throughout the building.

The planning documents have detailed measures to exceed the nationally described space standards and to provide comfortable living spaces for the future residents.

The new building will remain lower compared to the neighbouring homes at both 25 Green Street and 36 Grove Road.

For car owners, the plan includes maintaining an accessible parking space for at least four cars on site.

Notably, an electric car charging point is also a part of the design, in line with the environmental measures of the plan.

In an effort to preserve the site's natural aesthetics, the majority of the existing hedge will be upheld.

Additional flora, like new hedging and trees, will also decorate the surrounding lot, hoping to create a pleasant addition to Hazlemere’s housing mix.

Further environmental impact is minimized through planned SUDS drainage, keeping all rainwater to the site, and connecting foul water to the public line on Green Street.

An innovative development includes rainwater harvesting through the provision of water butts.

Addressing the currently urgent theme of sustainability, the proposal has been outlined with a focus on minimizing carbon and energy impacts.

These measures range from the use of heat pumps and solar panels, to the installation of heat recovery systems, thereby promoting reduced carbon emissions and energy savings.

The home's build is intended to be adaptable for the occupants' lifetime needs, with measures like level thresholds and ground floor accommodations.

Furthermore, the proposal prioritises a healthy local ecosystem with the suggested incorporation of bat and bird boxes into the design.

To view the full plan enter 23/07996/FUL into the council's planning portal.